What exactly is Experiential Travel?

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Experiential travel is more than just visiting a place, even off the beaten tracks.

More than the comforts, the must-see and the nice Instagram stories, the real-life experiences are what persuade people to travel.

So, exactly what is experiential travel?

It's about having a taste of what it’s like for people who live there, it's about learning other lifestyles, daily rituals and values. It's about watching the world with fresh new eyes from a new perspective.

The most difficult yet important part though, is to try to take off the lenses of our own culture and behaviours and make an effort to understand a new lifestyle.

Travelling is always a new experience, but when you feel the place instead of just looking at it, you have captured the essence of experiential travel.

Just as you do not experience sailing by looking at the sea, a tasty food by gazing curiously at the plate, you definitely are unable to experience a culture by peering furtively at it through an hotel room or taking a full memory of photos with your latest IPhone.

To experience something you have to engage.

Leap into that chilly ocean, chomp with gusto into that spicy platter, step out of the shelter of a hotel room and keep the phone in the pocket for a while, move at a human pace, which means to be obliged to reach out to those around you. Make an effort to get yourself understood, try to speak the language, maybe only using your smile and your hands.

The rewards of being accessible are remarkable: you all of a sudden are no longer invisible to others.

You get insider hints, invitations to local happenings, suggestions about local food and much more. Generous offers of ways to connect with a place and its people.

Last but not least, experiential travel is about valuing the experiences you actually have over what you’re told you should be doing by others. We’re all different, we all enjoy different things and our travel should reflect that.

Travel following your passions and experience at your own pace, connecting with people around you.

There are so many things that can turn a simple trip into a deeper experience. Like the long-lasting memories that come from them, experiencing and connecting are what make travel priceless and unique.

HTBtour has some hints to set the scene for memorable moments


Explore local cultures while sightseeing and admiring art & beauty of the world.

The unique HTBtour BE-LOCAL approach creates authentic moments of exchange and sharing with local communities. Learning & Doing, Making Experiences and growing our passion for knowledge and culture. Conscious Shopping with style, with a true understanding of values and culture behind products and services.


Learning, Tasting, Making, Cooking to explore Wine and Food Culture.

Learning from local winemakers, oenologists and farmers to understand their passion, stories and secrets. We'll learn where ingredients come from, how they are selected and prepared with a special eye on organic farming and winemaking to understand all benefits for our health. And possibly, take some of that ancient, precious knowledge home with us. ​Wine Tasting Experiences for Beginners and Experts.


We love being with people, sharing moments and build real life relationships. The ultimate goal of HTBtour Society is to create a travellers community where nobody feels alone.

We spread Happiness through Inclusion, Socializing, Living Emotions & Making Meaningful Experiences. We love when our guests have a great time, a good laugh and are happy.


Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing are a sapient mix of elements to take care of body, mind and soul. Indulge in cozy SPA, Wellness treatments, Mindful holistic experiences and Yoga sessions. Living the nature adventures: forest bathing and walking tours.

Enjoy your favourite sports and outdoor activities: golf, sailing, smooth hiking, running.

​While we do not compromise on taste and quality, nutrition and eating habits are taken into great consideration for all our travelers.

Some HTBtour useful information

  • You can sign up either alone, with your partner, with some friends, to join a group of new travel mates with likewise passions and interests.

  • We are travel designers, we suit a tour around you. Share your bucket list with us, we are always open to plan new destinations and design your experiences.

  • We build groups of travellers of max 12 people, tours are confirmed when a minimum of 8 travelers has been achieved.

  • Tell us what's your ideal pace of travel, among: a) TAKE it EASY CHIC b) SMOOTHLY HECTIC and c) RELAX & FUN ?

  • Let us know all your dietary requirements and eating habits, so we can plan your meals during travels carefully with no taste and quality compromising.

For more information, please feel free to contact : ella@happinesstobetour.com




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