Well-being Travel is booming

Lifestyle choices have never been so mindful as in these recent days. Late drinking nights at clubs could be a thing of the past to be replaced by early morning runs and yoga sessions.

Wellness and holistic well-being nurture are becoming a way of life rather than a fashionable trend, hence more mainstream travellers want to incorporate well-being experiences into their travel plans.

More and more people are consciously making healthier decisions about their day-to-day lives and they want to take these new practices and habits with them when they travel.

They look for travel options that can suit their needs and wants: primarily healthy food choices, movement activities such as Yoga, breathing and meditation sessions, easily accessible exercise activities in the nature such as hiking, walking, cycling, stand-up paddle boarding, cross-country skiing…

What is really interesting is that it is not a “generational thing” and it is not even a trend.

Because of the newfound emphasis on “self-care”, from millennials to baby boomers, all are pursuing healthy lifestyle choices and are looking to take their wellbeing lifestyles with them when they travel for business or pleasure and are actually using their vacation time to plan short or extended getaways with a specific “Well-being Focus” in mind.

Seeking Happiness and Change

It’s sad to say but so many people are not happy with their lives, some struggle with loneliness, depression and anxiety, others might find themselves at tough crossroads, or maybe they’re stuck into some dead end points and seek for a change.

Well-being travel experience can help so much here. It fills a void that’s missing in people’s lives and can kick start some profound lifestyle changes. Many people turn to travel to relieve stress and fatigue from their daily routine.

Travellers looking to nurture their physical and mental health are on the rise, they decide to travel with a goal in mind, whether it is something clearly defined like stress or fitness, or if it is a need to reset internally, following difficult life changes.

I believe that there are three steps here that may help travellers to channel a real beneficial life change. The first is education, the capability to give guests the tools to implement firm changes in their daily lives, enabling guests to envision the potential benefits of each individual daily choice while having entertaining and joyful experiences. Secondly, the opportunity to create real life connections, meeting new people and sharing meaningful moments with them. Last but not least, the ability to build a bond that can support guests in the process throughout the stay and between visits.

HappinessToBe retreats

HappinessToBeTour (HTBtour.com) is specialised in creating meaningful and uplifting travel experiences to help their guest to build their “Happiness-ToBe” in life.

They hand pick the destinations and build retreat programs that fit the goals of a rounded well-being traveller, be it a learning & development goal, a digital detox, a stress-relief, an emotional healing, a search for meaning or a re-balance focus after a major life change.

The while visiting amazing places, learning and experiencing local cultures, discovering art and design, tasting local wine and food.

The ultimate goal of HappinessToBeTour is to connect travellers who might be temporarily solo, help them create and build meaningful social bonds that might be maintained even once the travel experience has ended, contributing to spread Happiness through inclusion, socializing, meaningful experiences and living emotions.

HTBTour founder Ella says “Our guests love travelling with people to share real life moments and build real life relationships. Nobody wants to have dinner alone when traveling. We love when our guests have a great time, a good laugh and are happy. This is the best reward for us, when we feel we might have done a little something in changing someone’s life”.

HappinessToBe Retreats are based on key values

  1. Science of Happiness - HTB-Tour aim is to share valuable state of the art scientific insights on how we can foster happiness and gain a sense of meaning for a purposeful life. All is based on key learnings of the most recent body of scientific researches in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Science of Happiness on how our brain is wired, how it functions, what the mechanisms conditioning our choices are, and learn some useful methods to drive significant life changes.

  1. Nature and Well-being Lifestyle - Time is a finite resource, the only precious one that cannot be bought. Choosing to dedicate some of our time to a Healthy Lifestyle might reward us in many ways. HTB-Tour has a sapient mix of elements to take care of our body, mind and soul. You might choose to indulge in mindful holistic experiences, rejuvenate in a SPA, re-balance yourself with yoga sessions. Maybe you crave to live the nature with forest bathing sessions, walking tours or practice your favourite sports and outdoor activities: golf, sailing, smooth hiking, running. Well-being options are infinite, time is not.

  1. Healthy and Conscious Food & Wine Choices - “We are what we eat”. Whether you take this metaphor seriously or not, being aware of what is coming on our table is more and more critical to our well-being and health. HTB-Tour creates Wine and Food Culture experiences through tasting, making, learning to understand where products and ingredients come from, how they are selected and prepared, the passion, heritage and secrets that underlie wines and foods of a specific territory, with a special eye on organic farming and wine-making to understand all benefits they bring to our health and to the planet.

  1. BE LOCAL Culture Discovery - Art and Beauty express themselves in many forms and each culture has a value to share and pass on to humanity. HTB-Tour featured BE LOCAL approach creates authentic moments of exchange and sharing with local cultures and communities while exploring and experiencing meaningful moments with painting, sculpture, architecture, design, photography, fashion, music, dance, culture... Pablo Picasso said it well: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

  1. No More Solo Travel #nomoresolotravel - HTB-tour travel experiences are designed for Temporary Solo Travellers to get together and share meaningful experiences, build real life connections while travelling in small parties of no more than ten people.

Whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner, you’ll join a new traveller society of travel mates with whom you can share passions and interests. Before departure, travellers are introduced one another to start meeting their future travel mates.

In case a group of friends wants to travel together and the party achieves the minimum number needed to take off, the set group is ready for HTB-tour to plan the travel details.

HTB-Tour encourages participants to share their knowledge, expertise and passions with the group. Perhaps you are a wine sommelier, an art or culture expert, or just passionate about a particular activity or place, you’re welcome to share your stories, hints and tips with your travel mates.

Time is a finite resource, the only precious one that cannot be bought. Choosing to dedicate some time to build your own Happiness might be your next great choice.

Options are infinite, time is not.

Make your plans for your next Happiness-ToBe experience.

Contact Ella for more information, just email : ella@happinesstobetour.com

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