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Updated: Apr 9, 2018

We aim at suggesting simple ways to build happiness in daily life, provide travel tips and inspirations and give you insights to destinations, activities and experiences we love!

Hello, this is Ella, Travel Designer and Happiness Enthusiast !

And I am soo excited to start this new adventure !

I think it's a good think to start this blog my introducing myself, so you know who's speaking here. Born in Italy, I lived and traveled the world working in hospitality & tourism industry in USA, Caribbean, Europe, Russia, Northern Africa and China, working for both global companies like Walt Disney, Hilton and for private companies and luxury resorts. I got to travel, meet people, see unspoiled places and I was even paid for that.

It might sound fab, but it can be exhausing as well! Two years ago I took a break from corporate life to refocus myself, learn new skills and drill down in all those areas that I always wanted to master better. 

I went back to a business graduate school to get my MBA, and I took my wine passion to the next level, becoming a certificated Wine Taster. I started learning Chinese, that I currently speak conversationally. Just in case you're wondering: it is tough, and yes, I do write and read it! 你好!

Most important, I had time to breath and clear up my mind on what to me is essential in life, becoming a Happiness Enthusiast! I believe happiness is a state of mind that very much depends on our personal daily choices. Or better said: we can choose to be happy.

We can also do tiny little things to make other people happy. Maybe just smiling at them.

Now, I thought about putting my passion and experience for meeting people, travel and tourism into design travel experiences aimed at creating happy life moments, tailored for all those who are in a temporary solo traveling situation or want to meet new travel companions.

I started designing private tours for friends and friends of friends who asked me to, so now I though to do it more seriously. I like to design tours for sparkling senior travelers, to set up programs for LGTB travelers and create a safe environment for women traveling solo.

We build small size groups and generally mix participants based on what we all like doing, the pace of travel we are willing to keep and the places and experiences we all are looking for, not on social categories. We generally put together single travelers, not all of them are "romantically single", and this is NOT a dating site, altough it makes me very happy when and if people we introduce might eventually fall in love !!

Do expect a wonderful diversity overload, we love meeting new people and share happy life experiences.

Science of Happiness says that socializing and traveling are two key elements in Happiness building, I'd love to help people to create their own Happy Life Experiences. 

My ultimate goal is to contribute to Spread Happiness, to make the world a better place.

Let me know what you would like to hear and I hope we can create a happiness lovers and travel community to share and connect.

I truly believe in human connections and real life moments, so feel free to get in touch with me and I wait for you at one of our next HappinessToBeTour!

Ciao, a presto


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