Are you a Temporary Solo Traveler?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Who is a Temporary Solo Traveller?

  • Your significant other has a different vacation schedule and you're unable to move your dates around?

  • Are you a travel fan but your partner and friends are not and you're afraid you might end up giving up that great vacation you dreamt of? 

  • You always wanted to travel overseas, but all your friends have different plans?

  • You just broke up, your life is at a turning point, and you need to get away for a while, breath fresh new air and think?

  • You really don't mind travelling alone, but don’t feel like having dinner by yourself every night?

  • The moment to get out of your comfort zone has arrived. Are you ready to do something different, just by yourself?

​If you ever found yourself in one of these situations, yes, you have been a temporary solo travel at least once.

I found myself in few of those situations and tried to dfind some ways that could work well for me and here what I have done.

At first, I signed up for an adventurous backpacking group trip to discover Morocco in ten days. The tour included some hiking, some sleeping in the desert under a tent, travelling all around by jeeps and sometimes using camels... I tried Moroccan specialites and all sort of street food and I admit I had a good time. Well, after the week off that I had to allow myself afterwards to recover!

Then I tought about something more relaxing and fun. I signed up on a 7 Nights Caribbean cruise, leaving from Miami and touching different islands including St Barth, Puerto Rico and Bahamas. I don't know if it was me or them, but someting did not work. I was spending my time trying to avoid the mass of people that was anywhere, at meals, at the bars, at the pools, at the beach, at the excursions. My cabin's balcony became my shelter, I was hiding there to breath, reading and relaxing watching the sea. As David Foster Wallace wonderfully said:" It's a supposedly fun thing I'll never do again".

My experiments went on and on, I went to beach resorts, ending up surrounded by familes and couples and turned so depressed that I had to leave earlier than planned.

I joined family members during bank holiday weekends, went visiting friends and spent time with them (and their families, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids...). This was fun!

One day, my almost 80 years old Dad, who actually has a social life better settled than mine, told me: why don't you find a group of people who likes the same things you do and travel together? He was right, and this was the beginning.

My perspective suddenly changed when I decided to listen to my heart and do something I truly liked: I started planning a trip around my passions and interests.

I started thinking I could spend my vacation time learning and doing someting I loved. So I started organizing a trip around my passion for wine, and went to Bordeaux in France, to visit vineyards and organic wine farms, learning about wine making and wine tasting. None of my friends was available to join me, so I took a solo vacation. I made an extensive search to get contacts with local wine makers, plan the vineyards schedule for visits and wine tasting, setting logistics, transports and accommodation. My French speaking helped me greatly.

I spent time with locals, wine experts and food passionates, met interesting people and set my own pace for spending days. I learned so much about the Bordeaux wines, the differences in the wine making techniques, discovered stunning villages, met fantastic people. The only drawback was having dinner by myself almost every night.

Whatever your reason for traveling solo is, don't wait for someone to show up to have your travel dreams become true. Start thinking now what you would love to do.

Let us know, if you like wine & food, art & beauty, meeting new people, discover local cultures and new ways of living, if you love nature and being outside, sharing experiences, than join one of our next tours.

Your time to be happy is NOW !

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Be prepared to meet fun and interesting people, to get out of your comfort zone, while not compromising on comfort, wellbeing and safety.

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