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Ella  Founder of 

Travel Designer | Wine Taster | Happiness Enthusiast


"I believe we all deserve to be truly, authentically Happy. I'd like to support all those in a -temporary solo- moment to make solo travel an intended option, not an involuntarily imposed choice.


In our society, more and more people are experiencing loneliness, for many reasons, with disparate social or marital status, at any age, yet particularly in after-working age.


I believe that real life relationships and human connections are a key to achieve happiness. Our ultimate goal is to help people creating some Meaningful Life Experiences through traveling and socializing. 

Why HappinessToBeTour 

I love traveling, it's one of my favourite things to do. Few years ago I found myself in a "solo" situation, for some reasons I was unable to find some good travel mates. Solo travel is not really my thing, and quite a few times I had to cancel or postpone travel plans.

I wondered... what if there was a place where to meet new travel mates with likewise passions, interests?

I created to design travel experiences aimed at creating meaningful moments for all temporary solo travelers.

Socializing and traveling are two key elements in happiness building, we'd like to help people meet and create some new meaningful life experiences.

Travel To DO List 


Make Experiences 

See places   

Meet People

A good laugh

Learn something new


Taste good Wine 

Cook some Food 

Visit organic farm

Meditate, Yoga

Excercise, play golf

Have fun & relax

Our travel style is


Take it Easy Chic

Fun & Relax 

Hectic not Rushy

HTBtour Travel Bucket List 

ITALY * our first love

Tuscany, Venice & Prosecco Hills, Milan, Lake Como 

Sicily, Sardinia... and much more

ASIA * unexpected 

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Yunnan, China Tea & Culture 

EUROPE * chic & charme

Burgundy, Bordeaux Wine Tour, 

Loire Valley Castles

Greek Islands 

AMERICAS * beyond expectations

Argentina, Chile & Peru 

United States, Mexico