We build our unique experiences cooperating with a selected network of passionate and experienced professionals in travel, food & wine making, tour guides, amateur chefs, culinary experts, organic farmers, art experts, yoga teachers, sport trainers to create memorable moments and travel experiences.

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Ella  Founder of 

Travel Designer | Wine Taster | Happiness Enthusiast


"HappinessToBeTour is my dream becoming reality. I always wanted to create something meaningful to help people fulfill their potential, pursue happiness and believe in the endless opportunities of life, despite all difficulties.


In our society, more and more people are experiencing loneliness, for many reasons, in many social or marital conditions and at any age, and particularly in after working age".


I believe that real life relationships and human connections are a key to happiness achievement, and ultimate goal is to help people creating their own Meaningful Life Experiences through traveling and socializing".

Why HappinessToBeTour 

We believe happiness is a state of mind that very much depends on our own daily choices. Or better said: we can choose to be happy.  

We can also choose to make other people happy: a word, a smile, a random act of kindness, any little tiny gesture can make a huge difference in someone's life. 

We created HappinessToBeTour to leverage our passions for travel, quality life, wine, food, art, culture and lifestyle to design travel experiences aimed at creating happy life moments for those finding themselves in a temporary solo traveling situation and wishing to meet new travel mates.

Science of Happiness reveals that socializing and traveling are two key elements in happiness building, our ultimate goal is to help people creating their own happy life experiences and to contribute to Spread Happiness, to make the world a better place.


What we like when traveling

Making Experiences   

Meeting People   

Learni, Growing, Doing

Wine Tasting 

Organic Food 

Yoga & Meditation  Golf, Run, Walk

Art, Music, Design 


See places, experience lifestyle

Conscious Shopping   


Having fun & relax

Our travel style is


Take it Easy Chic

Fun & Relax 

Hectic not Rushy

Our 2020 Travel Bucket List 


Tuscany Dream Retreat

Venice & Prosecco Hills Art & Wine Tour

Milan, Lake Como Italian lifestyle

Sicily Art & Wine Tour


Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia discovery

Yunnan, China Tea & Culture Tour


Burgundy Wine Tour

Bordeaux Wine Tour

Loire Valley Castles & Wine Tour

Greek Islands Lifestyle & Happiness retreat


Argentina Tango & Wine tour 

Chile & Peru Nature, Wine and Art tour

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