July to September | 7-14 nights | Sardinia

The colors of Sardinia tour

Healthy lifestyle, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, specialty food, local wine tasting and lifestyle habits from the island of the centenarians. Sign up today. Group will form as the minimum number of travellers is reached.
The colors of Sardinia tour

Time & Location

July to September | 7-14 nights
Sardinia, Sardinia, Italy

About the Event


Expect a group of people who love to explore and discover more about themselves and the world around them, who are willing to make real life connections, share and build meaningful travel experiences.  

HappiersToBe are generally in their 40ish and up  (with no age limits), they tend to have a higher education, many interests, passions, they are curious about life and what it has to offer. Among the passions we record: art, culture, lifestyle, well-being, sport, healthy lifestyle. They enjoy food, wine and a good laugh with old and new friends.

You don't need to be romantically single to travel with HTBtour, today’s solo travellers are no longer defined by their relationship status.  More people are choosing to take a holiday by themselves because they don’t want to compromise on where they go and what they do or maybe they just need some "ME time".

As we reach a minimum of 6 people, we confirm the tour and a new group of HappiersToBe is formed. You can sign up alone (and you will meet new travel friends) or if you have one or more people willing to join the tour, you can sign up as a party. 

If you are a party of 6-10 people, et voilà, your personalized HappiersToBe group is already formed.

In any case the program will be adjusted to the specific group participants needs, interests and pace of travel.

We'll put the group travellers in contact through WhatsApp/Skype/Google/Facebook/Wechat to make sure you guys can meet online before the departure. A dedicated Tour Leader will answer to all your questions and agree on the group tour details. 

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