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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Note for HTBtour travelers ToBe, from Ella.

Hello Newbies HTBtour Travelers, 

In case you are wondering what traveling with a group of newly-met people is like, here's some  information for you.

Q: What do you mean by a Temporary Solo Traveller?

Ella: Solo travellers are no longer defined by their relationship status, you don't need to be romantically single to travel solo.

The reasons for travelling alone would probably fall into one of two categories: you simply don’t have a companion to travel with OR you actively choose not to bring along friends or a spouse.  

More people are choosing to take a holiday by themselves because they don’t want to compromise on where they go and what they do or maybe they just need some "ME time".

Q: What type of people do generally sign up?

Ella: Our travel programs attract people interested in art, culture, lifestyle, well-being, sport, healthy lifestyle and meaningful travel.

People who love to explore and discover more on theirselves and the world around them, who are willing to make real life connections, share and build meaningful travel experiences.

Our travellers are generally in their 40ish and up  (with no age limits). 

They tend to have a higher education, many interests, passions, they are curious about life and what it has to offer. 

We all are looking for real-life social connections, share experiences with people, while still having a bit of personal time when travelling.

Q: Can I sign up alone or do I need a travel companion?

Ella: you can sign up alone, and you will meet new travel friends.

If you have one or more people willing to join the tour, you can sign up as a party.

In the case your party is already formed by 6-10 people, voilà, your personalized HappiersToBe group is already formed.

In any of the above cases the program will be adjusted to he group participants needs, interests and  pace of travel.

Q : When I sign up, how do I know when my tour is confirmed and a group is formed?

Ella: As we reach a minimum of 6 people, we confirm the tour and a new group of HappiersToBe is formed.

We then make sure the future group travellers are connected on major social platform ( ie.WhatsApp, Skype, Google, Zoom, Facebook...)  to make sure you guys can meet online before the departure. Our team will be there to answer to all your questions and agree on the tour details. 

Q: What type of activities are included in the program?

Ella: Daily activities, tours and visits depend on the destination chosen and they are all customized to the group participants. 

Programs are not strict and pre-defined, we can adjust and design the tours depending on each group of unique travellers to create memorable and meaningful travel experiences.

Q: What is a typical day schedule?

Ella: Every day there's a core activity, that is the main idea for the day, such as day trips, site visits, sightseeing, food & wine tasting, cooking classes, photo tours, creative labs.

There is time for daily wellness, gentle exercise and healthy activities led by HTB trainers (indoors and out in the nature, yoga, mindful meditation...) .

Some relax time and social gathering moments are planned, such as our 7 pm HTBtour Cocktail time !

Throughout the stay we make some optional activities available, based on personal interests, making sure you take the most out of the stay and have some personal time secured too. Pace of travel is Take it easy, Fun & Relax. 

Q: What about my dietary requirements?

Ella: We will take care of any dietary requirements, tell us what you eat and what you don't, we'll make sure there's always something special and tasty for you.  

Food  is part of HTBtour culture, it's always combined with social events, to gather, share, learn and have fun: it could be a cooking lesson by a local chef, a BBQ by the pool, a fine dining outside, a tasting menu or a cozy comfy home made food.

Q: What does the price include?

Ella: the fee includes all the activities in the confirmed program you'll receive, generally speaking it includes accommodation, meals, transfers, local transports, visits and activities, entrance fees, tour guides, assistance. 

Q: What is not included?

Ella: Flights, tips, optional activities, personal purchases, travel insurance and anything that is not expressly stated in the program.  

Q: How do I sign up?

Ella:  contact us, we'll check dates and destinations, based on your interests, travel preferences and availabilities.

Once the minimum of travelers is reached, the tour is confirmed and payment is asked to secure the booking.

For any further questions, I will be happy to answer directly. Contact us.